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Jessica Shere-Coggins Favorite Dog Aid Organizations:
Please Give Generously The The Animal Aid Foundation Of Your Choice

Best Friends Animal Society Home Page
No-kill sanctuary for abused and abandoned cats, dogs, and other animals.

ASPCA: The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  Dedicated to alleviating pain, fear, and suffering in animals through educating, training, and guiding those who care for animals.

Stray from the Heart is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue of homeless, abused or neglected dogs regardless of where they were born.

Click to Give! The Animal Rescue Site provides a feel-good way to help!

PuppySites.Com - Dog Rescue / Dog Shelters
Death Row Dog Rescue - We rescue dogs on death row in Georgia shelters. Dog Shelter - Adopt a dog from your dog shelter, or donate money to your dog shelter!

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Jessica Shere-Coggins

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Jessica Shere-Coggins